Passion Amplified Amplify your event beyond the walls of your venue
Talk with the people talking about your event, because no one is really talking about your brand
Easily capture and create content your target consumer is passionate about

Passion Amplified is a live social coverage and content capture platform for event marketing.

We combine social conversation monitoring with custom crafted stories and our proven distribution system to insert your brand into passionate conversations online, generating millions of social impressions.

Tap consumers’ Passions to Amplify your Brand

Great content is almost never about your products or services.
– The Content Marketing Institute

What We Do

We provide a social content amplification engine that allows brands to relevantly reach millions of consumers sharing their passion on social media.


We help you and your partners collect the best content at your event.


We craft the best content into compelling posts that are most likely to get discovered.


Paid support using trending hashtags delivers millions of incremental impressions.

Real-time social engagement continues to skyrocket amongst fans, even niche sporting events can generate thousands of posts per second
– 2nd Screen Society

How We Do It

All content captured is auto-uploaded to a secure content hub where your social team or our editors add to the story and stage for distribution.

  • Aggregate
  • Curate
  • Distribute

Paid content promotion on Twitter and Facebook is managed in real-time to optimize views and engagement.

Passion Amplified

Why It Works


Allows brands to participate in the social conversations consumers are passionate about in real-time


Custom analytics provide performance tracking against impressions, engagement, reach and virality


We play nicely with your social team or agency, our only goal is to help get your content in front of as many passionate fans as possible

Passion Amplified

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